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How To Track Facebook Referrals On Google Analytics

Google Analytics

On today’s post I’ll show you how to use Google Analytics to track Facebook Ad referrals

If you have Google Analytics tracking on your Web site and if you’re running Facebook ads you should not only be tracking these ads on Facebook’s Ad manager, but also on Google Analytics. This is very simple and can actually be used for more than just tracking Facebook ads, you can track any lead source!

To get started you need to add “UTM parameters” to the links in your ads. UTM parameters are simple tags that you add to a URL. When someone clicks on a URL with UTM parameters those tags are sent back to your Google Analytics account for tracking.

So, get started by copying the landing page URL where your ads are pointing. Then go to any of the Google URL builder tools (we provided links to two of these below) and complete the URL builder form. Once completed generate the URL. Copy the URL and use it as your destination URL for your Facebook Ads.

UTM links look like this

Once your ads are up and running, go to your Google Analytics account. There you can find the traffic stats from UTM coded links by looking at Acquisition > Campaigns. You will see an overview of your various campaigns as tagged using the UTM parameter on your URLs.

Google URL builder tools

URL Builder on Google

URL Builder on Facebook