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Google+ The Most Important Reason You Can’t Ignore It


There are many people whom I have consulted with that tell me they do not have time or the interest to manage yet another social network like Google+. But what they do not understand is that Google+ is not just about social, it’s all about SEO. Now while there are many other benefits to using Google+ such as Local Carousel Results, Communities, Hangouts and integration with YouTube, the most important aspect of Google+ is how it improves SEO.

Here are the three ways Google+ improves SEO

Authorship & Personalized Searches
Once you’ve connected your your Web site’s Blog or news articles with your Google+ account, (how to set up Authorship) search results containing your content will include your Google+ profile image. Users viewing search results are much more likely to click on a link that appears next to a person’s face or image as opposed to one that is just text.

Author Rank
Once you have set up authorship and are posting regularly be sure to include a Google+ share button on your articles and be sure to post each article on Google+ so that you can increase shares. If your content is constantly +1’ed and shared it will be a strong signal that your content is of high quality and offers great value. The more quality content you publish, the more likely you are to be ranked high by Google and considered an authority in your subject area.

Google+ Posts in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)
Google+ posts you make can actually appear within search results! This is a very big deal since neither Facebook nor Twitter individual posts appear in SERPs at all. Additionally Google+ profiles now show up in search results on the right-hand side along with recent posts.

So by focusing on Google+ marketers can ensure that they will be ahead of SEO as it continues to evolve.