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Revealed: The Proven Way To Immediately Increase Clicks From A Facebook Posts Is…. (Free Template Included)!

Revealed: The Proven Way To Immediately Increase Clicks From A Facebook Posts Is.... (Free Template Included)!

If you’re reading this post there is a good chance you clicked on from my Facebook post. There is an even better chance you clicked on it because of the photo. If you follow pretty much any entertainment news Facebook page you’ve probably seen photos like the one above before. Usually the box is coving the face of a celebrity and includes a tantalizing headline.

So what is the proven way to increase clicks from Facebook?

The answer is in the title itself. “Reveal”. The reveal post has proven to be one of the most effective ways to get users to click on your post. Why? Because if done correctly both the image AND the headline will create interest and will make your viewers want to click.

So now you’re probably saying “I don’t have the rights to use photos of hot celebs”. Well you don’t need hot celebs, you just need a photo that catches their attention, a tantalizing headline AND most importantly you need to deliver on your promise, to reveal what is hidden in your post. You’re reveal can be anything, such as: a special offer code for your ecommerce shop, an image of your new product, or an announcement of a sale, etc.

So how do you create a reveal post?, well I’ve made it pretty simple for you to get started.

First download the Reveal Template and open in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. (If you don’t have Adobe Photoshop or Elements I highly recommend you spend the $99 for Elements, you really can not do much on a Web site or online marketing without a graphics program).

Second, get a photo to use as your background. You can shoot a photo of your product, use a family member or co-worker, or use stock photography. The photo I used was from Deposit Photos and only cost $2. Just be sure that you have the full rights to use your photo for marketing purposes. Make sure you place the photo in a layer behind the question mark and the burst image within Photoshop.

Next move the question mark and the burst image in front of anything you want to hide, this could be text or part of the background image. Then save two images as a jpg or png, one with the question mark and the burst and one without. Use the the image with the question mark and the burst for your Facebook post and use the other on the landing page.

Last, write a great headline, one that will get your viewers to want to click!

That’s it, you’re done. I can promise you that this type of facebook post will drive greater clicks than almost any other post. It has been proven over and over again. I used this to help create one of the most socially driven Web sites on one of the largest networks online, driving over 25k clicks per day just from Facebook!

By the way, my reveal is…

Facebook Reveal Post