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Twitter Cards : PixelBait Hidden Gem Series

Twitter Cards

In our hidden gem series we will highlight little known or new features that are overlooked by many marketers. Today we will highlight the Twitter Cards.

What are Twitter Cards?

Twitter Cards (for use in advertising) is an attachment to a tweet that is automatically included when your tweet contains a link to your Web site. Whenever another user expands the tweet, they will see this attachment like the screenshot above.

There are multiple types of Twitter Cards such as Summary, Product, Photo, etc. The most exciting option for marketers is the product card, which allows users to share product photos and information directly through tweets.

Twitter Card installation is a straightforward process but does require an initial set up and code to be added to your Web site. If you are using a CMS like WordPress, you can do this without any coding by using plugins like SEO by Yoast.

To get started simply embed the code onto your website and validate it on the Twitter Developer site.

Then be sure to include links to your Web site in every tweet (You should be doing this anyway!)